Viktor Shkarban, General Director of the Ukrainian Kuehne + Nagel organization, about FIM Group of Companies:
Full package and personal approaches, creativity and irregularity in solving of set tasks, optimal business solutions and tight business relationships characterize FIM Group of Companies.


Olena Horodecka, Managing Director of DSV Ukraine, about FIM Group of Companies:
In Ukraine our company has chosen FIM Group of Companies as a partner. It acted as a developer of the logistics complex, the level of each fully corresponds to the requirements of our Holding company as well as European construction standards. DSV Corporation sees FIM Group as a reliable and stable partner in the Ukrainian market. Being satisfied with our partnership during several years, we also plan a further cooperation while building new logistics complexes in Ukraine.


We have been maintaining partnership relations with FIM Group of Companies for a long time. It is a creative and reliable partner with good reputation and which is very sensible of market trends.



Sergey Tsarelung, Head of Department and Key Customers, about FIM Group of Companies:
FIM Group of Companies is an important partner for UniCredit Bank and we admire high level of professionalism of its managers. We consider our business relations with FIM Group of Companies to be very significant for both of us and will keep cooperating in future.


Sergey Burenin, General Director of Softline Business Practice, about FIM Group of Companies:
FIM Group of Companies is a young and rapidly developing investment company. Our cooperation is related to the adoption of Oracle Project by the Company. The decision to choose this system was made on purpose. First of all it was a desire to manage current finances as well as a desire to have tools for development, modeling and managing strategic plans. These desires have also defined the choice of system functionality – project management, planning and budgeting, balanced scorecard and elements of operational management: accounting, purchasing and sales. The suchlike idea of using the system made the project attractive and at the same time very difficult. Under attractiveness we mean that such decision is new to Ukraine and it has become a professional challenge; and under difficulty we mean transition from intuitive decision making to formalization of all the principals, according to which the Company creates its strategy and runs business. All the values are created by people, and the extent of how they understand the value of their decisions defines performance capabilities of the created product.
It was uneasy to work with FIM team (because it is always uneasy to work with talented and temperamental people), but it was very interesting at the same time. The established partnership has greatly contributed to the creative development of both of the companies.


Vadim Grib, Chairman of the Board of the TEKT Group of Companies, about FIM Group of Companies:
FIM Group declared itself as a company, which can quickly respond to the changing partners’ requirements and situations in whole, as well as a company that makes balanced and deliberate decisions. This Company is good as its words. It is able to manage and implement difficult projects and possesses great human resources.