FIM Group of Companies

Concordia Antarova, the well-known opera singer, educator and principal performer of the Bolshoi Theatre, at her time has once said: “Win with love, and you will win everything. Seek joyfully, and everything will respond to you”. Guided by the given rules we have founded a company, which has been actively operating in the Ukrainian market for more than 20 years. During this period of time we have gained experience in such business areas as advertising, media, video production, legal consulting services, wholesale and retail trade, transportation, real estate, restaurant business, consulting, asset management and flower retail. Switching from one branch of activity to another was always based on evolutionary development of business and national economy in whole.

Only our attitude towards people has remained unchanged.  We always keep in mind that the main asset of the company is personnel, because we are deeply convinced that the country’s wealth is not guaranteed by oil wells or natural resources, but people. People, who don’t lack self-respect, get the best knowledge from outside and build large and successful companies relying on their own experience. Nowadays, when many people say that everything is wrong, we say: no, life isn’t about waiting for the storm to end, but learning how to dance in the rain! As a matter of fact, there will be no favorable wind for the ship that doesn’t know which way to navigate. This means that it is possible to find promising business segments under any conditions. That is why we keep developing further using our successful experience and engaging professionals.

Yours faithfully,
Co-Founder of FIM Investment Group of Companies
Oksana Kaletnyk