Social responsibility

Batkivska Zemlya charity fund

During its whole existence FIM Group of Companies has been supporting various charities and socially important initiatives. Thus, CEO of FIM Group of Companies, Oksana Kaletnyk, supported a photography project named Photographers Change the World to the Better, which tool place in 2010. Within the framework of this project press photographers have suggested different outlooks on the human rights abuses. Understanding that for the cultural prosperity of the nation there is a need to inspire creative, intellectual and moral development of youth, in 2011 FIM Group of Companies sponsored the International children and youth festival of audiovisual arts – Khrustalni Dzherela.

Besides, Oksana Kaletnyk participated in such TV projects as Business Sharks and Ukrainian Dream, the purpose of which was to support ambitious Ukrainian citizens, who are ready to act for the sake of their dream. Supporting the development of small businesses, FIM Group of Companies invested in two projects within the framework of Business Sharks program:  Glasha textile manufacture and publication of Charming Ukraine guide-book. Following all of the previous socially important initiatives, FIM Group of Companies becomes a contributor to Batkivska Zemlya charity fund. The main projects of Batkivska Zemlya fund are in the following areas:

  • Supporting of creative initiatives of endowed youth, who proceeds Ukrainian national traditions
  • Assistance in the development of the civil society
  • Supporting of business initiatives of active citizens