O’Panas Ukrainian restaurant

O’Panas restaurant is located in one of the central parks of Kyiv. The restaurant interior is furnished in the national style with elements of Ukrainian Baroque. The two colorful banquet rooms are joined together by a wooden staircase. The main banquet hall for 100-140 persons is located on the first floor. The wooden staircase leads to mansard of the second floor and the two VIP huts with wall paintings.

In a warm season one can enjoy the summer porch, which is surrounded by lath fence. The Pancakes’ House adjoins the main restaurant building. People, who have a rest in the park, are welcomed to try the great variety of pancakes and drinks.

Ukrainian and European cuisines recipes compose the main part of the menu. The restaurant holds up traditions of healthy and ecologically clean meals. That’s why all food products are delivered from a private farm. For example, poultry dishes are cooked using the meat of wild animals that are kept in the private hunting farm, which is located in Vinnycka region.

O’Panas is a Ukrainian restaurant with Ukrainian hospitality.