Project management

Project management means administration and coordination of human and natural resources during the whole life cycle of a project by means of modern management techniques in order to achieve previously set tasks within the limits of expenses and terms, observing quality standards and discharge of partnership obligations.

FIM Consulting Plus provides a complete list of services on each stage of project implementation:

1. “Preliminary Project” and “Project” stages

  • Correction of objectives and plans regarding project implementation, and development of its strategy
  • Elaboration and implementation of effective communication systems and mechanisms in order to carry out a project
  • Assessment of project development stages
  • Detailed appraisal of the project’s expanses
  • Development of a purchasing of services and material resources strategy
  • Preparation of the main work schedule
  • Development and penetration of a document flow in a project
  • Tender procedure for the selection of an architect bureau
  • Full support on a projecting phase
  • Preparation of detailed costs forecast
  • Cost management
  • Obtaining of permits and approvals
  • Procurement and tender procedures for selection of contractors
  • Reviewing of agreements with contractors

2. Construction management

  • Controlling the work of contractors and suppliers in accordance with the concluded agreements
  • Control of cost estimate documentation, signing of all acceptance acts for services rendered
  • Daily engineering supervision of building and construction works, organization and holding of weekly meetings with all contractors at site
  • Management of all changes in a project
  • Construction costs management
  • Assessment and providing recommendations regarding contractors’ requests as for progress payments
  • Preparation of monthly reports for the investor
  • Transfer of the accomplished project to the investor and providing him with recommendations regarding final payments to contractors
  • Putting the object into operation
  • Provision of the project documentation record