Property management

FIM Consulting Plus manages all commercial real estate of FIM Group of Companies on its own. It also provides its external customers with Property and Facility Management services.

1. Property Management

FIM Consulting Plus managers exercise administration of real estate facilities, work with tenants and handle current administrative matters:

  • Overall management, coordination and control of contractors’ work
  • Preparation of documents needed for technical maintenance of facilities
  • Liaising with public utilities and controlling entities
  • Energy supplies’ consumption record
  • Financial management and preparation of reports
  • Administrative and legal management of facilities
  • Finding tenants and PR support of a facility

2. Facility Management

Engineers of our company provide a full range of technical maintenance support in commercial real estate facilities:

  • Maintenance of power supply systems
  • Maintenance of gas supply systems
  • Maintenance of water supply and sewer systems
  • Maintenance of heating systems
  • Maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Maintenance of video surveillance and building access control systems
  • Maintenance of fire-warning, -alarm and -fighting systems
  • Maintenance of dispatching and automation of engineering systems
  • Services related to running repairs, upgrading of engineering systems and equipment
  • Maintenance of elevators and other lifting devices
  • Carrying out of preventive sanitary and phytosanitary measures
  • Controlling the work of organizations, which take care of a facility