Strategic investment consulting

Any investor, like a professional tennis player, needs a permanent sparring – a partner represented by a strong and experienced team, which tests his investment business ideas. Without such partner an investor, just like a sportsman, risks to be weakened by his own nearsightedness and inspiration for his idea; he risks to lose even without getting close to the expected investment ratios.

FIM Consulting Plus offers a full service in the view of strategic investment consulting:

  • marketing researches and   market analysis;
  • finding the best and most efficient way of using land;
  • elaboration of business plans and investment projects;
  • evaluation of efficiency and investment attractiveness of projects;
  • development and implementation of real estate promotion strategy;
  • analysis of the elaborated concept of the future real estate property;
  • coordination of bargains, preparation of necessary pack of presentation and investment documents;
  • coordination during  technical, juridical and financial auditing (the whole Due Diligence process).

Strategic investment consulting is an opportunity to get an opinion on a project and business itself from independent experts, who can monitor and analyze the efficiency of implemented investment project on behalf of shareholders.

So train your investment intuition with professionals!